giovedì 10 luglio 2014

Tony Cheung


 The idea of niven was to make a simple drawn comic character with a personal twist. I drawn psychadelic patterns before i drawn the first niven. The name is taken from the way finnish people pronounce kniven (knife) with a accent in swedish. That niven is usually armed with a knife is kind of a militant attribute and a symbol of my finnish heritage. Niven is not a he or she. AP

sabato 7 giugno 2014

The project Sixth Editon: Minesweeper MEETS ZabStu

Ecco online le foto dell'ultima serie di custom plush realizzati a Londra durante l'evento Minesweeper MEETS ZabStu

1st NOVEMBER 2013 Seriously succulent artistic meat is on the menu for our upcoming NOVEMBER SHOWCASE of ZABRATTA STUDIO (akaZAB STU) from ROME! Epic Stuff : We will be sending 20 handmade "UTO" 'Custom Plush' toys made by ZABSTU in their Roman studio to 20 separate artists we have been made aware of through our project. THE UNDERCURRENTS GALLERY is again the location of the exhibition, with 3 multigenre bands thrown in for good measure. 
Qui il link alle foto dell'evento sulla pagina fb Minesweeper

Karen Jeanne Barnes


CANEMORTO is a collective of muralist artists



Monique sb




Meme Zabratta

Meme Zabratta - Giec Polpetta